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IT audit

There are many good reasons to conduct an IT audit. Some of them include verification of your organization’s security, identification of the source of data leakage, compliance with standards such as ISO / IEC 27001, or cost optimization. It is also important to check the company’s IT infrastructure and suggest beneficial changes.

Why your IT audit will be useful?

Starting an IT audit, we start with a diagnosis regarding the IT area in the company. We check the organization’s systems and applications to make sure they are secure and efficient. We are also looking at the information processing process and standards that accompany the development of all systems. We deal with servers and network services to identify and suggest repairing vulnerabilities.
Depending on the needs of the organization, we will also assess the risk and develop measures for the effectiveness of security measures. We will consider data authentication and authorization to ensure that the necessary security standards are met. We’ll look at disaster recovery so you can handle future crises.

We will prepare an IT audit tailored to your needs

Before starting auditing, we will determine its scope together. We will agree who will be involved in the audit process, what are the company’s goals and find out what your biggest concerns are. We will get to know the processes prevailing in the company to adapt the functionality of the IT area to them. We will create meticulous audit reports to provide factual feedback. When creating reports, we will ensure their readability so that decision-makers can easily understand the most important elements that are eligible for change.
You will also receive recommendations for monitoring software, networks, servers and resources. We will propose effective actions thanks to which you will improve the work of your company. We will implement the most important goals of IT auditing, such as the assessment of systems and processes overseeing data security, risk assessment and minimization, as well as the identification of inefficient systems. As auditors, we will take care of the mechanisms that manage your IT infrastructure.

Although the audit does not evoke pleasant associations, its actual function is practical prevention. Examination of the organization’s infrastructure and activities is aimed at improving company procedures. Thanks to a professional audit you will be calm about the business and financial data of your company.