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Implementation of IT systems

Implementing the new technology into the company seemingly seems quite easy. However, errors and delays can occur that cause losses in your company. If you need a reliable implementation of IT systems, it’s best to entrust it to professionals. We will make sure that the transition to the new system runs smoothly and smoothly.

Implementation of IT systems

Before designing, we determine the conceptual design – we think together what the system will be responsible for. Then we develop a logical design, i.e. we decipher how the system should look from the users’ perspective. The final stage is the physical design, i.e. the plan how to build the system.
After the physical design of the system, it is verified whether the system works properly and is user friendly, and finally we make sure that it meets the quality standards.

Why is the implementation of IT systems worth entrusting to an external company?

Internal IT departments most often face many ongoing tasks, whose supervision is time consuming. The implementation of the system is an advanced project that requires enormous time and specialist preparation. You should take care of a number of important elements, such as configuring the necessary output and reports, user support, data migration from the old system to the new one.
It is also important to launch a new system in the optimal time for the company, so that it will not negatively affect its daily activities. It is equally important to monitor the risk during implementation and to measure results and results. Thanks to clear success indicators, it’s easier to know if the implementation was successful.

An offer tailored to the needs of your business

We program applications in the .NET environment and web applications in ASP.NET, or desktop in WPF.NET. We integrate IT systems – API, Web Services, and support relational MSSQL databases, SQLite, Mysql and many others. JavaScript, CSS and Bootstrap have no secrets for us. We design and develop software in various technologies, we also develop technical documentation. We implement and maintain the implemented system.

Companies sometimes hesitate before deciding to implement a new IT system. Sometimes a realistic project plan is missing, other times the testing of the resulting system is not refined, and in some cases the team does not support changes. A specialized company that professionally implements systems, protects your company from these problems and successfully introduces better technology to the company

programming applications in .NET

programming web applications in ASP.NET

programowanie aplikacji dekstopowych w WPF.NET

programming REST API

IT systems integration (API, Web Services, etc.)

support for relational databases MSSQL, SQLite, Mysql, etc.

JavaScript / CSS/ Bootstrap

software design and development in technologies other than .NET

development of technical documentation

implementation and maintenance of systems