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Data Scientist

Machine learning, artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things are of great importance for business growth these days. However, companies that do not start betting on data will not only stop growing, but will soon be far behind.

How much money does your business lose by analyzing the wrong data?

Research carried out by Gartner indicates that due to wrong data or their misinterpretation, various enterprises lose around 30% of their total revenues. Losses due to the collection and analysis of inappropriate data in individual organizations averaged $ 15 million a year in the US alone. More generally, these losses amount to around USD 3 trillion (!) Per year for the entire country

How can you be sure that it is based on the right data?

As a result of their research, Forbes Insight and KPMG state that as many as 84% of directors are not sure about the data they use when making decisions. And this problem can be solved by one person, one role, one position – Data Scientist.

Data Scientist is one of the most important positions in your company!

As Data Scientist , we use the knowledge of statistical analysis – we identify patterns in the data and detect various anomalies. We know machine learning, we are able to implement algorithms and statistical models. We apply the principles of artificial intelligence, use database systems and software engineering.
We program to analyze large data sets and combine hard and soft skills – we communicate the results obtained at various levels of the organization, thanks to which we effectively transfer the most important information affecting the development of your company.

What else can we do?

Good Data Scientist combines programming, statistics, modeling, analytics and mathematics skills with a business sense. We think critically to objectively analyze facts and arrive at constructive conclusions. We find analytical solutions to solve seemingly abstract business problems.
We program in languages such as Python, Matlab, R. We model artificial intelligence – we specialize in machine learning and deep learning. Relational databases and formats JSON, AVRO – they also do not hide any secrets from us.

By working with us, you can be sure that we will help you discover the answers to the most important questions that will help your company make the best business decisions. Why the best? Because based on reliable data.

programming in Python, Matlab, R

knowledge of tensorflow, keras, pytorch platforms,

AI modeling: machine learning, deep learning

knowledge of relational databases and JSON formats, Avro

statistical data analysis

Big Data algorithms

data visualization