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Deep learning

The implementation of the deep learning method in your company means a significant saving of time and money. Thanks to deep learning, the company avoids mistakes, works more efficiently, develops much faster and increases its competitive advantage.

Deep learning – what exactly is it?

Deep learning is more advanced machine learning. The deep learning method based on neural networks has been known since 1989, while it was popularized relatively recently, in 2012, thanks to the development of graphics cards, data sets and comparative techniques. According to McKinsey, investment in deep learning platforms by, among others, Google and Facebook has contributed to the spread of this method.
Deep learning consists in acquiring knowledge and experience from hierarchical discovery of successive layers of individual issues. Algorithms based on deep learning teach the computer on examples how to solve specific problems.

Market applications of deep learning

The possibilities of deep learning applications fall into three basic categories: language message processing, image recognition and speech recognition. Thanks to these categories, deep learning allows you to program applications for handwriting recognition, speech to text conversion and vice versa. It also enables the work of chatbots that perform the function of customer service in the e-commerce industry.
Image recognition allows you to label powerful sets of graphic data and enables the development of autonomous vehicles, it also improves the selection of ads on the Google service or the popularization of virtual assistants such as Google Now or Amazon Alexa.

Advantages of deep learning for your company

Neural networks that are programmed with deep learning work almost like employees. You can train them, learn how to generate reports and tailor them to your needs. With the advantage that robots programmed in this way run much faster and make fewer mistakes than humans. You can entrust them with repetitive and time-consuming work so that employees can focus on tasks that require creativity.
Deep learning allows robots to recognize larger amounts of data and images by downloading new information from the Internet and developing new findings to get the highest quality results possible. The company does not have to employ additional people and at the same time increases the job satisfaction of current employees.

When you establish cooperation with us, we will jointly develop solutions that will make your company benefit from the deep learning method. We will help you save time, financial resources and increase the satisfaction of your customers and colleagues.

image classification close to human level

speech recognition at a level close to human abilities

handwriting recognition up to the level of human capabilities

text-to-speech conversion and vice versa

beating man at GO game

chatbots, virtual assistants, answering natural language (NLP) questions

labeling huge image data sets (facebook, google)

popularization of virtual assistants such as Google Now, Amazon Alexa

the appearance of autonomous vehicles

improved matching of ads on Google services

improving results returned by search engines

practical solution for classifying ImageNet collections to almost 100%

popularization of Kaggle competitions