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Jarosław Kurek – member of the board

First of all, IT expert and enthusiast of artificial intelligence. Administrator and programmer for many years. Currently working at CTO and CIO positions in companies specializing in credit reports. Habilitated doctor in the discipline of technical and telecommunications informatics, thanks to the work entitled “Artificial intelligence methods in solving classification problems, in selected diagnostic problems.” He is still willing to cooperate with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology, as well as the Department of Artificial Intelligence at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.
Special skills:

Comprehensive IT infrastructure maintenance

C #, WPF, ASP.NET, PHP, XML, XSD, XSLT, RESTAPI, SOAP, JSON, WebServices, Matlab, Python

IT systems integration for the B2B sector (primarily for international companies)

Integration of WorldPay and PayPal payment methods

Implementation of scoring engines for the system for writing reports

Implementation and maintenance of IT services, such as: DNS, DHCP, IIS, Apache, SSL, AD, VLAN, VPN site-site, VPN mobile, Amazon AWS, DFR-R, MSSQL replication, Hyper-V Virtualization, Failover clustering, arrays , DELL servers, Symantec Exec Backup, SNORT, SNORBY, FreeNAS, PfSense, Nagios, monitoring

Applications of data mining methods in business

Classic modeling and time series analysis

Application of machine learning in business

Application of deep learning in business

Implementing machine learning models in business

Deep learning models in image processing