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Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Innovative solutions

We will design innovative solutions tailored to the needs of Your company. Machine learning and deep learning have no secrets for us. We will prepare scoring models, calculate the risk, conduct an audit and focus on one of the most popular trends in the business world – data analysis. We can apply for grants for research with you, and if necessary we will represent scientific units.

Design» Development » Deployment

Implementing new technology can be difficult? Not with us! We will carry out the project, designit and implement it so that your company does not suffer delays, loss of productivity or failure. We will ensure the continuity of your business, taking care of IT infrastructure.

Consulting / Outsourcing

Do you want the best specialists on the market? We will support you in the area of: IT development, credit modeling, machine learning, deep learning , cloud computing, data analysis or server administration. We work with qualified IT professionals.

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We create solutions especially for you!

How do we design a model tailored to your needs?

Data processing and prototyping

We will first gather the data that we will use to build the model and then pre-process it. We like all data very much, so the more we get, the better! Then we create a prototype model based on training, test and validating data sets.

Testing, Calibration

Later, the model undergoes validation and calibration, so that we make sure that all elements work as they should.

Development and Deployment

The model that has been validated is implemented in your environment or made available via Web API.

And it's ready!

We can maintain the implemented model or even the entire infrastructure.