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IT training

Dynamic IT development opens up a lot of new opportunities for companies and individuals. Take advantage of them by raising your competences at professional IT training. We have extensive experience in programming in various languages and the implementation and maintenance of services. An experience that we gladly share.

Implementing services in the cloud environment

The cloud environment is often associated with lower costs for the company. In the traditional model, software and hardware should be financed before commencing any work, while cloud environments consist of complementary services, which are usually financed from operating costs. However, the implementation of such an environment is quite a complex process, which is why we are happy to train you in this area.
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Implementing network services

Network services streamline operations in a company with many employees. The same components available on different devices facilitate data exchange, storage, access to e-mail and printing services. We offer IT training in the implementation of network services such as DNS, DHCP, AD, LDAP, Web Servers, VPN, VLAN, failover clusters, virtualization, etc.

Securing network services

To avoid network congestion and possible failure, network services should be designed with extreme care. When the entire enterprise is based on one network, data transmission mechanisms must be as reliable as possible. We offer training in securing network services and their reliable monitoring.

Programming in Matlab

Matlab was created in the seventies for calculations related to engineering, mathematics and visualization. The huge expansion possibilities and the wide range of functions make it definitely worth attention. We will initiate you in its efficient service.
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Python programming

Python provides transparent and readable code for both smaller and more complex projects. It is in the top ten most popular programming languages. Useful in various applications, especially in the information security industry.

Programming in C ++ and C #

C ++ and C # have evolved over the years, they are used to solve real problems, they are compatible with other programming languages and offer great freedom in programming style. We will help you find your own programming style.

Website development

Internet programming differs from ordinary programming in that it additionally requires knowledge of applications, client scripts as well as servers and databases. At our IT training courses you will learn: HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, C #, ASP.NET C #.