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Specialist outsourcing

Outsourcing is one of the biggest trends of the decade in the field of employment. Contact us if you care about outsourcing specialists in data analysis, machine learning or IT services.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer is responsible for cloud computing – designs, plans, manages processes, maintains and supports them. If your company is planning to implement services in the cloud or to deepen activities in this area, Cloud Engineer will be irreplaceable. Our Cloud Engineers specialize in migrating physical infrastructure to the cloud, implementing services on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Dev/Ops Engineer

In case you need the support of a DevOps Engineer to supervise the release and implementation of the code – it’s worth working with a person who has the right skills, both hard and soft. The person in this position will cooperate with other project members, choose the appropriate testing model or monitor performance after the code is released. Combining various application components and integration of components, environment automation – these are part of the tasks Dev / Ops will support you with. Our specialists are also familiar with tools such as CI / CD, Git, Jenkins, Docker etc.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist is a profession that according to the LinkedIn report from 2019 is the first of the most promising professions in the US. A person in this role specializes in collecting, understanding, processing data, and then extracting values from them. Visualizes this value and communicates to other team members. Data Scientist is needed in both small and large companies. It contributes to sensible decision-making based on data, and thus also to the company’s growth. Our analysts know machine learning and deep learning, they program in Matlab and Python.

IT Specialists

We will also help in outsourcing IT specialists. Experienced programmers, people who remove failures working in the so-called helpdesk or specialists in network administration. Managing hardware and software, solving current problems – these are important elements of a company’s operation, so make sure that professionals take care of them.

Outsourcing some functions and tasks to external clients positively affects the financial situation of the company. It means that you do not have to carry out tedious recruitments, you gain access to a specialist much faster and settle accounts more conveniently. See for yourself.