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Scoring models

If you’re looking for a way for your company to make better decisions based on data, you’ve come to the right place! Scoring models help you make the right choices, make it easier to find answers to business questions, and increase business efficiency.

What is a scoring model?

Scoring models are adapted to needs. They can be general or specific and contain variables that are weighted in different ways. The results calculated thanks to these models help to draw conclusions or make decisions based on verified data. They are increasingly automated and optimize decision-making processes taking place at various levels of the organization. Thanks to appropriate scoring models you will get answers to various questions

What questions do scoring models answer?

Scoring models are extremely useful in banking – they can be used to assess credit risk and determine the risk for a loan that already exists. It is also possible to assess the company’s financial situation, detect fraud, estimate optimal debt collection paths, assess receivables or analyze bankruptcy. The scoring model also allows you to analyze the churn indicator, i.e. the percentage of outgoing customers, and the retention factor, i.e. customer retention.
We will arrange the appropriate scoring model to analyze the offers sent, related sales and to increase the value of the product offered. Product managers will also benefit from scoring models, looking for hints as to which methods will work best for a particular project or marketers, for whom we will determine which leads have the best chance of becoming a conversion.

Why scoring models will help your company?

The use of scoring models is primarily to increase the productivity and profitability of the company. The scoring decision model will handle quickly and flawlessly the processing of an extremely wide range of data, while a human would analyze the same amount of data much longer and with a greater probability of mistakes. Decisions are taken objectively and impartially. The scoring model clearly defines the scoring, which is why actions will not be taken on the basis of personal experience and will be automated.

We will build a scoring model for your chosen goal. Thanks to our models, we will assess the chance of specific phenomena. We will adapt scoring models to the needs of your company. In each model, we can embed many factors that will be adapted to the level of acceptable risk and the company’s business model.

credit risk, application scoring

risk for existing credit (behavioral scoring)

assessment of the company's financial condition

fraud detection

optimal debt collection paths

churn analysis

response scoring



valuation of receivables

scoring assessment of occurrence of any phenomena

bankruptcy probability factor

retention / attrition scoring