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machine learning

Machine learning

Microsoft research reports that companies that use artificial intelligence strategies enjoy results that are 5% better than organizations that do not take actions in the area of AI. Thanks to the implementation of artificial intelligence, enterprises are doing better with both productivity and business achievements.

Machine learning – why does your business need it?

Machine learning is useful in acquiring data relevant to the company. It is enough that it is implemented correctly and professionally, and it will facilitate the solution of various business problems and predicting potential customer behavior. Machine learning is successfully used by the world’s largest companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft.
Why is this so important? Machine learning allows systems to constantly improve without continuous programming. We develop computer programs that use access to data so that they can learn independently by improving the products or services offered by your company. Machine learning influences the calculation of a significant amount of data, collecting metrics and develops complex, intelligent algorithms that perform complex tasks.

The benefits of machine learning for your business

Predicting customer value and segmentation is one of the most important challenges of today’s marketers and most companies. Machine learning will help your company predict customer behavior, their shopping patterns and automate the sending of tailored offers, based on your browsing history or purchase history. Machine learning will also improve the work of manufacturing companies. Instead of expensive repair and maintenance, you can use historical data to reduce the risk of unexpected failures and optimize your machine maintenance expenses.
Thanks to machine learning, we can also facilitate the work of online stores by automating product grouping or creating product recommendations, while increasing customer satisfaction. We will also improve the company’s financial analysis, improve cyber security and develop image recognition for various industries using machine learning algorithms.

We will introduce machine learning to your organization

We will be happy to build any model using machine learning. At the training stage, we will develop a model based on a set of training data to best reflect the modeled phenomenon. In the prediction phase, we will deal with querying models for new testing samples.

We use advanced machine learning techniques such as neural networks, clustering, linear and logistic regression, decision trees, validation of models, and many, many more. Entrust us to the machine learning of your company and stay ahead of the competition.

neural networks

clustering: k-means, mean shift, hierarchical linking

Support vector machines (SVM)

Logistic regression: binary, multi-class

Linear Regression

algorithm of k nearest neighbors (k-NN)

decision trees and random forests

model evaluation: cross-validation, evaluation factors

dimensional reduction by means of feature selection

dimensional reduction by extracting features

Gradient reinforced machines

ensemble methods, bagging

boosting: Adaboost