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Research grants

Research grants are a great help in financing technological research. Usually, only the most promising projects have a chance to get a grant, and research and development projects apply to companies and scientific units. We are happy to cooperate in the implementation of such research.

Why work with us?

Our company is a team of people coming from scientific units. We studied, among others, at the Warsaw University of Technology and the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. What’s more, most of us are still associated with universities. And thanks to this, in our efforts to obtain a research grant, we can act as a university website and, with our cooperation, work together to obtain a grant.

Do you have an interesting project? Together, we apply for a scientific grant

Our experience in the field of cooperation with scientific units allows us to move a little more confidently in the subject of applying for scientific grants. If you decide to cooperate, we offer value in the preparation of a grant application. We will advise you on what policy makers pay attention to and what is most important in these types of applications.
We know the desired structure of the application and we have knowledge in the description of individual points. We know how discouraging the formalities stage can be and how to tame the formal aspects of applying for a grant.

Institutions where we can apply for research grants

National Science Center (NCN)

The National Science Center helps in financing basic research, such as research projects regarding the production of equipment, projects that are not financed by foreign funds, projects of young and experienced scientists who want to develop pioneering scientific discoveries.

National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR)

The National Center for Research and Development supports scientific units and enterprises in creating solutions that have the chance to have a positive impact on the development of the economy and society.

European grants

European grants have high budgets, even on the order of several million zlotys, however, granting the grant may involve indirect costs financed by the unit applying for the grant.

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP)

PARP is a government agency managing funds obtained from the European Union and the state budget. It supports entrepreneurship, innovation and the development of human resources. Attaches importance to creating favorable conditions for sustainable development of the economy.

Contact us and we will talk about the possibilities of joint application for a scientific grant.