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IT infrastructure maintenance

Maintenance of IT infrastructure is one of the most important elements affecting the continuity of operations of any company. We will take care of the entire technological ecosystem in your company – both servers and cyber security, as well as end devices and IT infrastructure in the cloud. And this is around the clock!

Servers administration

We offer maintenance of your company’s entire IT infrastructure for 24 hours, 365 days a year. We will take care of server maintenance consisting of testing errors, regular patches and updates as well as testing servers. We provide antivirus protection at the highest level and optimal server performance thanks to systematic control of the disk, RAM and processors. We will support both the on-premise model, i.e. programs with lifetime licenses, and solutions from the SaaS industry, i.e. subscription software or available in the cloud. We will also take care of technical documentation, thanks to which we will take away the whole burden of taking care of servers.

Security and devices administration

We control suspicious activities, firewall logs, automate backups, we simply improve current solutions used by companies. We care about SLA, i.e. maintaining and regularly improving the quality of all services. We verify the bandwidth, delay and flow of traffic so that the data flow parameters affect the faster functioning of your organization. We also have experience in diagnosing various failures. We will check whether computers and other equipment work in accordance with IT principles.

We will take care of the infrastructure of network services

We manage network services, system and applications. We monitor Nagios and Zabbix networks, identifying the operation of the equipment in the network and connections between them. When setting threshold values, we set e-mail or sms notifications as needed. We administer ICT systems that are based on Linux and Windows. We deal with systems in both test and production environments. We detect and eliminate irregularities so as not to expose your company to downtime.

You don’t have to create a separate internal department to maintain your IT infrastructure, all you have to do is hire us. We will create an IT management system based on professional services, designed specifically for the needs of your business. We will carefully determine the scope of procedures and services to guarantee effective management of the IT area in your company, which will increase the team’s efficiency and improve the quality of everyday work.

maintenance of IT infrastructure 24h / 365

support for IT infrastructure on-premise and in the cloud

monitoring Nagios, Zabbix

email notification, sms

troubleshooting, problem identification, failure cause diagnosis,

handling incidents and taking care of SLA behavior

installing and introducing changes to IT systems on both test and production environments

improving current solutions

development of technical documentation

administration of ICT systems based on Linux, Windows