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How we do it?

The method of cooperation is willingly adapted to the client’s needs, but usually it takes place according to the following stages:

Signing a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

The confidentiality clause is designed to protect both sides of cooperation. Both the client and the contractor gain confidence that no business information will be disclosed to outsiders.

Providing information on the issue and expectations regarding the order

Then you present us your needs for the project. We discuss related issues and functionalities as well as the initial quote.

Signing of a preliminary feasibility study agreement.

Step three is an objective listing of the project’s strengths and weaknesses, potential threats, and highlighting all necessary resources to complete the task.

Providing data, data description and other necessary resources.

The next stage consists in providing data needed during the project implementation. We analyze the received data and determine the degree of order completion.

Defining project assumptions, purpose, deadlines and effect.

When we have the necessary data, we go to the arrangements for the project assumptions, purpose and expected effect. We also estimate the completion date.

Signing the right contract for project implementation.

In the next stage, when all the terms of cooperation have been agreed and accepted, we sign the appropriate agreement.

We implement the project.

While working on the project, we present a minimum of 3 milestones. Each milestone is a presentation of part of the project results that requires approval from the client.

Providing final project results.

When we finish the previously set stages of the project, we give it to the client for testing. You check the design and provide us with suggestions for corrections.

Make any corrections.

Then we make corrections according to the suggested comments.

If the project requires it, we help to implement it in the client's environment.

For some projects, we will need our help during implementation. In this situation, we are still working on adapting the project to the given environment.

Signing the acceptance protocol.

Finally, after accepting the entire project, the acceptance protocol is signed.